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Angel Healer

What is Angelic Healing and how does it work?

Angelic Healing is a form of energy healing. We all have an energy system, which sometimes gets blocked during our daily lives. Think of these blocks like boulders in a river. Blocks like this get built up when we feel anger, fear, pain, resentment, or anything that is not in true alignment with who we are. We can loosen or remove some of the “boulders” with Angelic Healing, so we are back in the flow – feeling more energetic and more alive, more in tune with our higher self.

Angelic Healing works with the love and healing of the angels. The angels guide us through our lives. In Angelic Healing, the angels guide the therapist while s/he works with the client. The therapist is a vessel to let the healing of the angels pass into the client. The therapist is open to this energy and fully guided by the angels. The higher energy of the angels is cleansing, clearing, and recharging. Our bodies are amazing. When they are in tune and healthy, self-healing is possible. Remember what your body does when you get the flu or a cold – it heals itself; even broken bones grow back together. The angels help us to bring our bodies back to their optimum healing abilities. Any blockages present can be removed. Energy goes where thought goes, so if we concentrate on healing and cleansing, we heal and cleanse.

A combination of images and senses guide me, as an Angelic Healer, and help me concentrate on the healing and tasks at hand. Angelic Healing comes so natural for me. I am so attuned with the healing and so in awe of what is happening; it’s like watching a movie – a new one every time. I let the angels guide me and show me what to do. I listen to them and tune into the client in order to know where to go and how to heal. I am guided to spreading love and healing.

What is Energy?

Energy is the flow of life; some call it Chi and others call it Prana. We often say, ‘Wow, today I have a lot of energy,” meaning that we are in the flow. When we are tired or worn out, we have depleted our energy and need to recharge by napping, sleeping, or relaxing. We all have an energy body around our physical body. You might have heard of it described as an Aura, or you might have had the hairs (on the arm or neck) stand up because of a sensation outside of your physical body. The Energy body consists of Chakras, or places where the energy gets exchanged. Fresh energy comes in and old energy gets released in chakras. Sometimes the old energy can block a chakra so it can’t take in enough fresh energy. This is something Angelic Healing can cleanse and clear, in order to get a person’s energy level up again.

What is the positive aspect of healing with the angels?

What I value most is, that the angels guide me. I trust the Universe, the Angels and the creator. They know what is best suited for each client at any given time. They know and love my clients. Angelic Healing can uncover connections that we are not even able to see with our best imagination. A person might come in with pain in a certain area of his/her body. We can work on that body part, as well as other parts of the body that the angels guide us to look at, or even make the connection between painful events and physical pain. Sometimes it is necessary to release the pain from something seemingly unrelated to heal the pain we came for. We do NOT need to know what to heal during a session. The Angels know best, so we can trust and allow ourselves to be guided by the angels. Clients do not have to divulge any private details if they don’t want to. The angels can work through issues the therapist does and doesn’t know.

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